Tie the floors, ceiling joists and rafters of flat roof to the side walls, every (6) feet by iron anchors, formed of x2-inch iron, 20 inches long, with a 3x3x-inch plate, riveted to wall end (or turned up 4 inches in the wall.) To extend into the wall 8 inches and to be spiked to the side of the beams near the bottom by three 20d. spikes driven through the joists and clinched. Tie the ends of main ridge to side walls in the same way.

The front and rear walls to be tied to the floor beams every 6 feet by cutting pieces of 2x4-inch joist between the beams and spiking the anchors on top. The Fire walls at sides of pitch roof to be tied to the rafters twice on each side in the same way.

[The most effective anchors are those that pass entirely through the wall with a plate, head or nut and washer on the outside, but such can only be used where the appearance of the wall is not of consequence. Where such anchors are considered necessary on a finished wall, ornamental heads may be used.]

Partitions. - [These may be specified as in Section 292.]