Cover all roofs and sides of dormers with native pine (spruce or hemlock) sheathing, free from holes or large knots, surfaced one side to an even thickness and nailed to every bearing with two 8d. nails.

Form a ridge pole on main ridge, made of two 1 x6-inch boards, clinched together and set over the sheathing and spiked to it.

Under Floors. - [These may be specified as in Section 290, the boards to be laid close against the walls.]

303. - Scuttle And Skylight

[Scuttle may be specified as in Section 277.]

Make frame for skylight (on flat roof) of 1 -inch pine planks, 11 inches wide, set on top of the sheathing and pitching 6 inches toward the rear. Top of frame to be grooved as per detail and the outside to be tinned by the tinner. Cover the frame with a skylight sash 2 - inches thick, and 2 inches wider than the frame, with a {-inch strip nailed to the under side to fit against the frame. The sash to be glazed with 3/8-inch ribbed glass, each light to be the full length of the sash. Hang the sash with heavy wrought iron butts and secure with bar fastening. Ceil the sides of opening from the third story ceiling to the under side of sash with 5/8x4-inch (pine) ceiling.

Put a 1 1/8x8-inch pine board across rear wall, with the top edge flush with sheathing to receive the gutter, and put a 1 -inch quarter round moulding under the gutter.

Bulkhead. - [Same as in Section 283.]