Construct the porch floor with 2x6-inch joists, 16 inches on centres, placed parallel with the rear wall and framed flush between 6x8-inch girders resting on the brick piers.

Cover the floor with 7/8x4-inch (quarter-sawed) hard pine flooring, matched and blind nailed and tightly strained. Edges of floor to be rounded with a cove under. Finish under the floor and in front of the piers with wide white pine casings, and fill in the spaces between piers with (diagonal) lattice work x1 1/8-inch, with 1 1/8-inch spaces and 1 1/8x7-inch beveled base. Build the steps on 2x10-inch plank carriages, 16 inches on centres, resting at the bottom on a long stone slab. Treads to be \\ inches thick, risers 7/8-inch, rounded nosings, returned at the ends with cove under. Case the strings with 7/8-inch pine boards and fill in to ground with lattice work same as under porch, with 7/8x5-inch frame and beveled base.

The posts are to be formed of 4x4-inch straight well seasoned spruce, cased with 7/8-inch pine, with angles chamfered. The rough posts to be carried up to support a 6x8-inch plate. Rafters to be 2x6 inches with 2x8-inch hips.

Provide and have the mason build into the rear wall (four) |-inch bolts, (14 inches) long, with 4-inch square washers to bolt the porch roof to the wall.

Fur under the rafters for level ceiling, and ceil with x4-inch centre beaded ceiling, with |-inch quarter round around the edges.

Box under the plate for false beam as shown, and finish the cornice with (4-inch) crown mould, 4-inch facia, 10-inch planceer and 2 x7/8-inch bed mould. Form a gutter back of crown mould as per section, the bottom to have a fall of 1-inch to outlet.

Roof and gutter to be covered with tin by the tinner.

Fill in between the posts with 7/8x4-inch double faced pine ceiling (3 feet 6) inches) high, with 2x4-inch rail on top. Break a 7/8-inch quarter round moulding around the ceiled panels inside and out. Cover the spaces above the rail and over the door with No. 14 mesh painted wire cloth, nailed to the posts, rail and beam with half round moulding over the edge (or fit 7/8-inch screens, mortised and tenoned together, in all openings above the rail and over the door, and cover the same with No. 14 mesh painted wire cloth.)

Construct the balcony rail with 5x5-inch solid turned whitewood posts, extended through the roof and spiked to the plate After the roof is tinned, put on 7/8-inch beveled base over the tin. Top rail to be 3 x3 inches double moulded of white-wood, lower rail 2X3 inches, beaded on the sides and beveled on top. Balusters to be plain, 1 3/8 inches, set 4 inches on centres.

All exposed woodwork about the porch to be of clear well seasoned white pine or cypress, except where otherwise specified.

Construct a slat floor in (two) sections to lay on tin roof. To be made of (l 1/8x3-inch) hard pine strips, laid 3/8-inch apart and nailed and clinched to 1 x3-inch pine cleats, 2 feet on centres. Block up on top of the tin roof to make the floor level.