All other windows to have box frames for double-hung sash (1 1/8-inch) pulley stiles and outside casings, -inch box casings, ploughed for sub-jambs, 1 -inch sills (formed as per detail), (1-inch) staff bead (or 1 1/8x2-inch beaded brick mould) and x 7/8 -inch parting strips. Pulley stiles and parting strips to be of clear hard pine, with pockets to give access to the weights. Hang 3/8-inch pendulums in the boxes to separate the weights. Pulley stiles to be ploughed into outside casings.

All frames on rear and sides to have 1 1/8-inch Dutch heads with (3-inch) rise. Frames in front elevation (where shown) to have segment heads inside and out (or finished square on the inside.)

Box Heads. - [See Section 284.]

Sashes and Glass. - [Same as in Sections 285 and 286.]

Revolving Sash: Pivoted Sash.