The frame for front entrance to be made with 1 -inch paneled pine jamb, rebated and veneered with -inch quarter-sawed oak, with 1 -inch moulded oak staff bead. (Transom, side lights, etc.) This frame is not to be set until the house is plastered.

All other outside door frames to be made from 1 x( 8-inch) pine plank, rebated (and reeded) with 1 1/8 -inch beaded brick mould; transom bars where shown, worked out of 2 --inch pine plank, wide enough to stop the screen door. Furnish transom sashes 1 -inch thick, divided into lights as shown and glazed with first quality (single) strength glass. All outside door frames to be doweled to the stone sill by {-inch iron dowels, and to be anchored to the walls by x2-inch iron anchors, 8 inches long, screwed to back of jamb, two to each jamb. Frames to be set square and plumb and maintained so.

308. - Priming; Of Outside Frames

The carpenter is to prime all outside door and window frames (except front entrance frame) all over, before they are set, with one good coat of white lead and linseed oil paint. Pulley stiles and parting strips to be primed with boiled linseed oil.

[For priming of sashes see Section 285.]

Temporary Enclosing. - [As specified in Section 293, except that for a brick building it is well to enclose it as soon as the roof is on.]