All doors (except stock doors) are to be paneled and moulded in strict accordance with the scale and detail drawings furnished for the same. All panels to be loose and not glued or nailed. All tenons to have -inch haunches.

All veneered doors are to have staved-up, thoroughly kiln-dried white pine core, with solid mouldings and -inch veneering of kiln-dried wood well glued on both sides.

Sliding doors are to have an astragal (he and she) joint in the centre and a 5/8x1 -inch friction mould on all edges.

The front doors are to be (2 inches) thick, veneered both sides with clear quartered white oak, and paneled as shown, with raised panels and mouldings with (-inch) turned bead let in the moulding.

Vestibule doors to be made to correspond with outside doors, except that the upper panel of each door is to be glazed with polished plate glass with (2-inch) bevel. Front and vestibule doors to have an astragal worked from 2x3-inch oak, glued to the meeting stile of the swinging leaf.

The kitchen and basement outside doors to be made of clear well-seasoned white pine, 1 inches thick, with (four) plain panels and flush mouldings, or (to be four panel O. G. stock door, first quality, 1 inches thick).

All doors opening into first story hall, parlor, dining room, library and second story front chamber, to be 1 inches thick, five panels, with raised panels and flush mouldings. All to be veneered to show the same wood as the finish of the rooms.

Doors opening from any of these rooms into closets, are to be veneered both sides with the same kind of wood.

All other doors in second story to be (1 ) inches thick of solid white wood, five panels, with flush mouldings.

Sash Door. - The door from laundry to basement hallway to be divided in upper part into-(six) lights with wood muntins, and glazed with chipped .(ribbed) glass; the glass and glazing to be furnished by the carpenter.

Battened Doors.

A11 other doors throughout the house to be four panel (O. G.) stock doors (1 3/8 inches) thick, (with plain panels and flush mouldings both sides). The doors opening into kitchen, back hall and laundry are to be first quality, free from sap and knots, and cleaned up for varnishing. All others to be (B) doors.

313 - Door Frames. - All inside doors to have 1 6/4-inch rebated and beaded frames of solid pine or white wood for the pine and white wood doors, and veneered with -incb veneer in rooms finished in hard wood. Where the door is between rooms finished in different woods the frame is to show the corresponding wood on each side; or all inside doors to have (1 1/8-inch) frames with 1 -inch O. G. stops, glued and braded to the frame. Frames to be blocked solid for the hinges.

Where the door opens between rooms finished with the same wood, the frame is to be solid, but where the adjoining rooms are finished with different woods, the frame is to be veneered with -inch veneers of the corresponding woods on a 7/8-inch pine core.

All frames to be set square and plumb.

Thresholds. - [In some localities called saddles."]

All inside doors to have 5/8-inch moulded thresholds of quartered oak for veneered doors and of hard pine elsewhere.