The walls of kitchen, laundry and back hall, from basement to third story to be wainscoted (4 feet) high with (jx4-inch) centre beaded (three beaded) clear hard pine ceiling, with 1 1/8-inch rebated cap and no base.

Moulded Ceiling. - The dining room to be wainscoted (3 feet 6 inches high) with 7/8-inch moulded ash ceiling stuck in two patterns as per full-size section, (8x 7/8-inch) moulded base, (5-inch) plain necking with 5/8 x1 -inch moulding just above the wainscoting, and 1 3/8x1 -inch moulded cap. The bottom of the ceiling to be cut on top of a 1 1/8-inch beveled strip, placed back of and 3/8-inch above, the base.

Scribe a 3/8 x7/8-inch O G stop against the wall on top of the cap.

Paneled Wainscoting. - The front hall and vestibule in first story, stairs from first to second story and the library, to have paneled wainscot (3 feet) high, divided into panels as shown on scale drawings and moulded as per full-size details with raised panels. The framing to be 7/8-inch thick, panels to be put in loose; cap to be moulded with two members and (-inch) turned bead; 6-inch moulded base.

3I5. - Bases. - The parlor to have a skirting (20 inches) high with (5-inch) base, 12-inch dado veneered on a staved-up pine core and two members sur-base to match the window stool and apron, and to intersect with them. Dado to be fastened at the top only.

All rooms and passages in second story (except bath room and back hall) to have (8-inch) moulded base with 2x7/8-inch moulding on top and (1 1/8-inch) sub-base. The base moulding to be rebated over the base and the base to be tongued into sub-base.

All third story rooms and the laundry to have 8-inch O. G. base. Closets to have 7-inch plain base with beveled top.

(Plough all bases at the angles and put them on before the upper floor is laid, and allow -inch extra below top of floor.)

Carpet Strip. - Put (-inch) quarter round carpet strip around all floors of same wood as base, nailed to the floor and not to the base.

[When the upper floor is butted against the base, carpet strips are not needed]