The doors and windows in principal rooms of first story to have 5x-inch moulded casings with 1 3/8-inch moulded back band, mitred at the angles. Back band to have 3/8-inch turned and quartered bead moulding. Doors to have (8-inch) moulded plinths.

The trim in parlor to have (1 1/8x10-inch) frieze with moulded cornice with dentils.

All doors and windows in second and third stories to have 5 -inch pilaster casings, with turned corner blocks 1 inch thick, and plain 1 1/8-inch plinths (10 inches) high. Doors and windows in laundry, kitchen, pantries and back hall to have 5-inch O. G. casings.

Chamber closets to have 4 -inch plain casings.

Windows to have 7/8-inch sub-jambs with box casings veneered with 3/8-inch strips in all rooms finished in hard wood; 1 1/8-inch moulded stools and 4-inch moulded aprons. Stop beads -inch thick of same wood as finish of rooms to come flush with box casings, and in first story to be returned on top of sill.

Paneled sub-jambs, shutter boxes and paneled backs, if desired to be specified.

3I7. - Inside Shutters. - Provide and hang (Willer's patent) folding inside blinds for the windows in (parlor, dining room and library) 1 1/8 -inch in thickness, and of the same wood as finish of rooms. To be made in two sections, upper and lower, and in six folds for all windows 3 feet 6 inches wide and over, and in four folds for all others. The centre folds are to be fitted with rolling slats and the side folds with panels.

Venetian Blinds. - Furnish and put Up complete in the windows of (second story front chamber), (Wilson's) Venetian blinds with "2-inch maple slats, metal ladders, braided linen cords and bronze fixtures.

Inside Sliding Blinds. - [See Section 173.]

Finish of Blinds. - All inside shutters, Venetian and sliding blinds are to be finished at the factory to match a finished sample obtained from the painter. All to be rubbed down to a dull gloss.