The carpenter is to put a picture mould of same wood as finish of rooms around the principal rooms of first story, and around all chambers. To be 1 1/8x2 inches in first story and 7/8x1 inches in chambers, all stuck according to detail. The picture mould in the parlor and library to have a -inch turned and quartered bead mould, and to be placed -inch below the wood cornice; elsewhere to be placed 18 inches below the ceiling. Picture mouldings to be finished by the painter, except the last coat, before being put up.

[If gilded or ornamented picture mouldings are desired, they had best be included with the decoration.]

3I9- - Chair Rail. - Put a (1 1/8x4-inch) moulded ash chair rail around the (dining room). The top to be (3 feet 2 inches) from the floor.

Angle Beads. - Put(1 3/8-inch) turned angle beads (4 feet 6 inches long) with turned ornaments at the ends, on all projecting plaster angles, of same wood as finish of rooms.

Door Stops or Bumpers. - Put hard wood door stops with inserted rubber in the base or floor where required to stop the doors. Where rooms are trimmed with hard wood they are to match the trim; elsewhere to be of oak or ash.

[These are often included in the hardware specifications and specified by manufacturers name and number.]