The parlor is to have a mahogany cornice extending (10 inches) on the ceiling and (9 inches) on the wall, with dentils, (modillions) and turned beads, as per scale and full-size detail.

The library to have a wooden ceiling with false beams and wooden cornice, all of cypress, the beams intersecting with cornice. The panels between the beams to-be filled with¾x2½-inch (double) beaded ceiling, put on diagonally in a portion of the panels and at right angles to the floor beams elsewhere. Put a (7/8x1-inch) bed mould around all panels.

The beams to drop (6 inches) below the panels, to be built up of 7/8-inch stock with paneled soffits and square panels at the intersection. The cornice below the wall beams to have one row of dentils and one row of (7/8x1-inch) egg and dart moulding carved by hand (machine).

All wood cornices are to be put together with brads and glue in the best manner, solidly blocked and put together in lengths at the shop. Nails to be concealed as far as possible. All dentils are to be cut on a strip and not put on separately.