No splicing of the door or window trim will be allowed, and joints of bases, chair rail, picture mould, etc., must be carefully matched. Brad all moulded finish in the quirk of the mouldings, and set in all finish nails for puttying.

[If the door and window trim is to be put together on the bench, as described in Section 171, it should be so specified here.]

322. - Finish of Hard Wood Before Patting On, - This contractor is to finish all of the hard wood trim (and doors) of (hall, parlor, dining room and library) before putting up or hanging, as follows:

[Here specify the kind of finishing material, number of coats, rubbing, etc., desired.]

The final coat to be given by the painter when the carpenter work is finished. Panels to be finished all but the last coat before they are put in the frame. Paint all hard wood finish one good coat on the back.