The front stairs from first to third floors, to be supported on (2x12-inch) well seasoned white pine carriages, carefully shaped to fit the treads and risers, and set level and true in line. Four carriages and a 3X4-inch wall bearer for stairs from first to second floor (Fig. 308), and three carriages from second to third floor. Wall bearer to be securely spiked to wall. Landings to be formed of (2x8-inch) beams. The rough work of the stairs to be firmly put up, and to be self-supporting without the aid of angle posts.

No finished work to be put up until the plastering is dry.

Curb String Stairs. - The stairs from first to second floor are to have curb string, 1 1/8-inch treads, 7/8-inch risers and 1 1/8-inch wall string. Treads to have moulded nosings with (x7/8-inch) moulding under. The treads are to be ploughed into risers and the risers into under side of treads, and both housed into the wall string [Pennsylvania method, Section 187], and wedged and glued from the wall bearer. The wall string to be rebated on top and capped with a base mould to match the base in hall. The inside face of curb string to be dadoed into the treads and risers. Outside face of string to be paneled as per scale detail with 1 1/8-inch frame work, flush (raised) panel mould and (raised) panels, carried around stair well. The curb string to be capped with a (1 1/8x6-inch) piece, moulded and rebated to fit over the string, with a 7/8x1 -inch moulding planted on string under the cap. and turned bead let in, all as per full-size detail. Cut a (7/8x 1 5/8-inch) moulding between the balusters.

The main Newell post to be (6x6-inch in size, built up, to be fluted (paneled) on all four sides, and to have moulded and turned cap with one (carved) member, neck moulding and hand carved rosettes; 7/8-inch moulded base.

All other posts to be (5 inches) square fluted posts, with moulded and turned cap, neck moulding and rosettes in the necking. Put a turned ornament on the bottom of all drop posts.

The rail is to be double moulded out of (3x3 3/8-inch stock [see Fig. 310], with ramps and easings at all posts. Sections of rail to be bolted together and to posts.

Balusters 1 1/8 inches square, turned to (three) patterns and set (3 inches) on centres.

Panel under the rake of the first flight and on all soffits with moulded panels about (12 inches) wide to centre of rails. Stiles and rails 1 1/8 inches thick, moulded; and plain panels.

324- - -Open String Stairs- - [Boston method, Section 186.]

The front stairs from second to third floor to have open string, moulded nosings with 7/8-inch cove under, returned at the ends and carried around stair well, 1 1/8-inch treads and {-inch risers, the treads ploughed into the risers, and risers into under side of treads, and the base dadoed into both; (1 inch) fancy turned balusters (three) to a tread and around stair well, in same proportion, all dovetailed at the foot and tenoned into under side of rail; (3x3-inch) double moulded hand rail, no ramps, 4X4-inch solid turned posts at the angles with cap and neck mould and half post at upper termination of the rail. The post at foot of stairs to be 5x5 inches, boxed, carved and fluted, with moulded cap and base

Base on wall side of stairs to be rebated and to have a 2x7/8-inch mould to match the base around hall. All stock to be clear kiln-dried (whitewood). put up in the best and strongest manner. Fur the stairs on the under side for plastering.