The back stairs from first to second story are to have open string, rounded nosings, with cove under, returned at the ends and carried around stair well, 7/8-inch risers and treads, the treads ploughed into risers, and risers into under side of treads, and both treads and risers to be ploughed for the base on the wall side, (1 inch) plain round balusters (three) to a tread and around stair well in the same proportion, mortised at top and bottom; 2x3-inch plain moulded hand rail, and 3 x3-inch solid turned, chamfered and fluted posts at each angle and at foot with a half post at upper end of rail; all of hard pine throughout.

Attic Stairs (built between partitions). - The back stairs from second to third floor are to have 1 1/8-inch treads and {-inch risers tongued and grooved together and housed into the wall strings. The treads to have rounded nosing with a cove under. The wall strings to be full 1 inches thick, spiked to the studding and rebated on top with base mould to correspond with adjoining base.

The treads, risers and strings to be of clear well seasoned white pine, put up before plastering, wedged and glued from below, and furred on under side with 2x4-inch stock for plastering. Protect the stairs with sheathing paper and boards until the carpenter work is completed. Put up 2-inch round ash hand rail on one side of stairs, secured with iron brackets and with ends returned against plastering. Cellar Stair. - The cellar stairs are to have (three) 2x10-inch surfaced spruce carriages, 1 1/8-inch pine treads, rounded nosing and 7/8-inch risers, nailed to carriages; 4x4-inch turned and chamfered whitewood posts and two 2X4-inch whitewood rails, rounded on top and bead on each side.

Winter Steps for Front Stoop.