Fit up the butler's pantry as indicated on the plan, with a counter shelf (2 feet 4 inches) wide and (2 feet 8 inches) high all around. Put (five) 7/8-inch shelves (11 inches) wide above the counter shelf. The top shelf to be (8 feet) above the floor, and to be (14 inches) wide, fitting tightly against back of cornice. Enclose the shelves with 1 -inch sash doors, divided into (four) lights each and glazed with first quality double strength glass. The doors on (south) side to be arranged to slide on brass tracks and fitted with 1 -inch brass wheel antifriction sheaves. Doors to slide into a rebated frame.

The doors elsewhere are to be hinged at the sides and to have dust-proof joints as per detail drawing. Put a 7/8x4-inch moulded cornice above all doors, and make 1 -inch rebated frames [see Fig. 315], for the swinging doors.

Provide and place below the counter shelf (six) drawers with lip fronts, with one drawer divided for knives, etc. The remaining space to be divided into cupboards with 1 1/8-inch (O. G.) paneled doors, and one shelf in each cupboard. Fit up the sink with 1 1/8-inch grooved drip board and frame with apron under. All of this work (except the lower shelf) to be of kiln dried (cypress) left clean for a natural finish.