Construct and set up the dresser in the kitchen (4 feet 6 inches) wide and (8 feet) high, including cornice, made according to the drawings, of clear kiln-dried (Georgia) pine for a natural finish. To have a counter shelf (2 feet) wide and (2 feet 8 inches) from the floor, with two sliding shelves underneath. The portion above the counter shelf to have four shelves (11 inches) wide, enclosed with three paneled doors, 1 1/8 inches thick, hinged at the sides.

Fit up below the counter shelf with three drawers 2 feet long and 20 inches deep with paneled fronts and two 1 1/8-inch paneled doors. The dresser to have paneled ends, solid top with neat cornice, and l 1/8-inch beaded frame for the doors. Trim the doors and drawers with suitable hardware in (amber) bronze.

330 - Cedar Closet. - After the cedar closet is plastered, line the entire inside walls, ceiling, floor and inside of door with (x2-inch) Florida red cedar, tongued and grooved, and blind nailed.

Fit up the closet with drawers and shelves as marked on plan. Counter shelf (20 inches) wide of red cedar. (The drawer frame may be built of white pine, veneered on the outside with cedar, but the drawers are to be entirely of cedar).

331 • - Linen Closet. - Fit up the linen closet in clear white pine for varnish, ing. To have a counter shelf 24 inches wide, 3 feet from the floor, and three drawers below (4 feet) long and 22 inches deep, with lip fronts. The bottom of lower drawer to be 3 inches above the floor with an O. G. base below.

Put (four) shelves (20 inches) wide above the counter shelf, enclosed with 1 -inch paneled and moulded doors (5 feet high), hung at the sides (or arranged to slide on a brass track with brass sheaves). Make 1 -inch beaded frame, and finish on top with a 3-inch crown mould.