All bedroom closets are to have one (12-inch) pine shelf, put up on neat cleats. Put up (3 1/8-inch) beaded strips around all closets for clothes hooks.

The closets from (chambers Nos. I and 3) are each to have a case of three drawers as long as the space will permit (16 inches) deep, with paneled fronts and counter shelf above with rounded edge and cove under, and 3-inch O. G. base below the drawers. All the work in chamber and bedroom closets to be of (clear) white pine (for painting).

Coat Closet. Other Closets.

Drawers. - All drawers are to be dovetailed together, with the bottom grooved into the sides and to run on hard wood strips.

The drawers in (linen and cedar closets) to be fitted with the (Kimball ball-bearing drawer slide).

334. - Ventilation Of Closets

Ventilate the closets (in second story) by means of (3 x10-inch) tin pipes from each, placed in the partition and run to the air space above the third story with a covering of wire netting over the top.

The vent pipes are to be connected at their lower end with 8x10-inch (white enameled) register faces set in the wall just below the ceiling; to be furnished by the (carpenter).