Make a strong frame to support the kitchen sink. Cover with 1 1/8-inch frame of (ash), mortised and tenoned together with grooved drip boards at each end. Put 4-inch apron under. Support the projecting corner of frame with (3 -inch) turned leg of hard pine (or heavy japanned iron bracket): or seil up under the sink with the same material as the wainscoting with one pan eled (battened) door, hung with brass hinges and furnished with a brass catch. Put one 12-inch shelf under the sink. Put two drawers each 4 inches high and 16 inches deep under one end of sink to run on hard wood strips.

Washtubs. - Construct and set where shown on plan, stationary washtubs in (two) sections, to be made of clear seasoned white pine 1 inches thick, rebated and put together with white lead joints so as to make tight. Tubs to be 14 inches deep inside, 30 inches long and 22 inches wide across the top and 16 inches at the bottom with front beveling; to be set on a substantial frame, level and true, and to have clamp-flaps to each, hung with heavy brass butts.