The plumber will furnish all of the woodwork connected with the bath room fixtures, but the carpenter is to put up the tank and W. C. seat in a neat and substantial manner.

Plumbing Strips. - Put up neat beaded strips of same wood as finish of rooms for plumbing pipes where exposed.

Form pockets in the walls and partitions where indicated on plans, and provide with removable (paneled) fronts, let flush into rebated strips each side and secured with brass (japanned) buttons.

Clothes Chute.

337. - Dumb Waiter

Line the dumb waiter shaft with x4-inch hard pine ceiling. Arrange a pocket for the weight with pocket pieces secured with screws. Make paneled doors (2x3 feet) for the openings in kitchen and pantry, and hang with 2-inch steel axle sash pulleys (Silver Lake), sash cord and iron weights carefully balanced. Put a narrow shelf at bottom of doors and provide the doors with suitable hardware.

Construct the car 24x20 inches and 30 inches high, of clear pine (ash), 7/8-inch thick, dovetailed together and fitted with two shelves. Hang the car with New York safety dumb waiter fixtures with best -inch pliable cotton rope, put up in a substantial manner and left in complete working order. The car to be exactly balanced by an iron weight.