Partitions, - Put up board partitions where shown on basement plan, with 2x4-inch uprights 3 feet apart, and one horizontal piece cut in between. All to be of good spruce stock, surfaced three sides. Ceil the partitions vertically on one side only, with 7/8x6-inch good sound matched pine (spruce) boards, surfaced both sides, set in a shoe at the bottom and cut tight against the plastering, floor beams or under floor at the top, as the case may be.

Coal Bins. - Build the coal bins with (3x4-inch) studs, set 2 feet apart. Ceil 011 outside to the ceiling with (vertical) matched boards and sheath up (4 feet) on the inside with 1-inch rough sheathing. The openings to bins to be provided with battened doors of matched boards, hung with heavy strap hinges and provided with good strong latch. Inside of the door fit removable slides of 1 1/8-inch boards.

Lay the floor in coal bins of 2x10-inch spruce planks, spiked to 4x4-inch spruce sleepers (or cedar sleepers), 2 feet apart.

Storeroom. - Fit up the storeroom in cellar with (four 14-inch) pine shelves 7/8-inch thick, on two sides of the room. The shelves to be supported on cleats with a 1 1/8-inch standard in the centre.

Put up one hanging shelf 16 inches wide and 1 1/8 inches thick, hung free from the walls.

34O - .Wine Cellar. - Fit up the wine cellar with 7/8-inch pine shelves 10 inches deep and 9 inches apart, extending from the floor to the ceiling. Nail a 7/8x4-inch strip to the front edge of the shelves; cut out for the bottles with half round cuts 1 inches wide and 4 inches on centres. All shelves in basement to be surfaced both sides and edges.

Cold Air Box. - Construct a cold air box from the opening in outside wall to the duct under cellar floor (12 inches by 2 feet) inside, made of 12-inch pine boards, surfaced one side, and 4-inch matched flooring. Provide the box with a slide damper and a door opening into cellar, hung with iron butts and secured with two iron buttons. Construct an air duct 10x12 inches from register in hall floor, connected with cold air box below the damper and fitted with a sliding damper.

Ash and Garbage Box. - Make in suitable place a strong double box of 7/8-inch match and beaded pine, to contain ash and garbage barrels with division between. Each part to have battened door in front with good lock and two keys for removing barrels and lifting cover on top, hung with galvanized iron (brass) butts and with galvanized (brass) hook and staple fastening.