All sliding doors (including those from the library), to be hung with the Coburn trolley track No. 2 and Coburn roller bearing parlor door hangers, securely put up and carefully adjusted.

* Butts are not usually ornamented to match the other hardware, but are included in a few-designs

† These sets include lock, knobs and escutcheons.

‡The hardware specified under this heading for first and second stories is of very good quality, and probably more durable than that specified under Ornamental Hardware.

Double-Action Doors. - The double-action door between butler's pantry and kitchen to be hung with two Bommer 7-inch double-action hinges, japanned (or with one Chicago double-action hinge and one blank, both japanned). This door to be trimmed with two plain wrought bronze push plates (3x11 inches), with beveled edge (and Yale "Vulcan" dead lock, No. 2230 B, with two No. 5812B key plates).

[In restaurants, hotels, etc., double-action doors between the kitchen or serving room or serving room and dining room should be trimmed with kick-plates, but in private residences they are seldom used.]

Balance of First Story. - All other doors in first story to be hung with two 4X4-inch (Stanley wrought steel) loose-pin butts, ball-tipped (and fitted with steel washers). Butts on doors opening into back hall and lavatory to be Bower-Barffed. All others to be japan finish. The outside door of back hall to be fitted with Yale three-bolt "Vulcan" lock, No. 2535 FX80. Balance of doors to be fitted with Yale "Vulcan" lock, No. 2430FX80, where showing in hall and lavatory, and No. 2430B elsewhere. Put a No. 22 Yale rim night latch on outside door of kitchen.

Trim the doors showing in back hall and lavatory with Yale knobs, No. 056FX80 and No. 6409 escutcheon, same finish. Outside door to have same knob both sides with No. 7411FX80 escutcheon on outside and No. 7414FX80 escutcheon with No. 5 thumb knob on inside.

Balance of doors in first story to be trimmed with Yale jet knob, No. 45, and No. 5509 escutcheon in natural bronze.

Second Story Doors. - All second story doors to be hung with two (Stanley wrought steel) 4X4-inch loose-pin butts, ball-tipped, bronze plated and polished, natural finish.

All chamber doors opening from hall or passage to be fitted with Yale "Vulcan" three-bolt chamber door lock, No. 2535B. Doors between chambers to be fitted with "Vulcan" communicating door latch, No. 2400B. All other doors in second, story to be fitted with Yale " Junior" lock, No. 3310B.

Trim all of these doors with No. 52 Yale bronze knobs and No. 7409 escutcheons for " Junior " locks; No. 7411 escutcheons for outside of chamber doors, and No. 7414 escutcheon with No. 5 thumb knob for inside of doors with three-bolt locks, and No. 7432 escutcheons with No. 5 thumb knob for communicating latches, all in natural finish.

Closet doors to have the same trim on both sides.