All third story doors to be hung with 4x4-inch loose-pin (or loose-joint) Boston finish, (bronze plated) iron butts, ball-tipped (with steel washers).

Fit all of the doors in this story with Sargent & Co.'s No. 5244P lock (or Rus-sel & Erwin's No. 390 lock, or P. & F. Corbin's No. 785B lock*), and trim with 2-inch plain bronze metal spun knobs and wrought bronze escutcheons with rounded edge, 1 7/8x5 -inch or larger, all in natural finish.

Basement Doors. - The panel doors in basement to be hung with 4x4-inch japanned iron butts (with steel washers), fitted with Sargent & Co.'s lock, No. 5234P, and trimmed with mineral knobs, with japanned roses and keyhole plates.

* These locks are all good one-tumbler locks, and of about the same grade; much cheaper ocks are often used.

The battened, doors to be hung with 6-inch Stanley corrugated T-hinges, No. 961, fitted with Russell & Erwin No. 3806 rim lock, and trimmed with mineral knobs, with japanned rose and keyhole plate.

Outside basement door to be fitted with 4-inch wrought steel japanned barrel bolt with bent staple.

The doors to wine cellar and store closet to be fitted with Yale mortise dead locks, No. 304, and trimmed with japanned iron pull.