The swing sash doors in butler's pantry to be fitted with (Stanley) 2-inch loose-pin light narrow butts, ball-tipped, bronze plated and polished, two (three) to a door; 1 -inch bronze metal cupboard turns and Yale standard mortise dead lock, No. 910 (or Yale cupboard lock, No. 5502). The sliding doors to be fitted with one bronze metal flush pull, 1x3 inches, on each door (and Yale lock No. 542).

The cupboard doors below counter shelf to be fitted with (Stanley) 2-inch loose-pin, light narrow butts, ball-tipped, polished and bronzed, and 2-inch bronze cupboard turns, anti-friction strike. The standing leaf of double doors to have bronze elbow catch on the back.

The sash and cupboard doors in cedar closet and linen closet to be trimmed as specified for the doors in butler's pantry, without the lock. All to be in natural bronze finish.

Cupboard doors in kitchen pantry to be hung with 2-inch narrow japanned butts, and trimmed with 2-inch bronze plated (Boston finish) cupboard catches, with elbow catch for standing leaf.

Medicine Closet. - Trim the door of medicine closet with 2-inch light solid bronze butts, ball-tipped and bronze lever catch (Corbin, No. 329).

Drawers. - The drawers in butler's pantry,cedar closet and linen closet to be fitted with 1x3 -inch solid bronze drawer pulls, Corbin pattern, No. 2106, two to each drawer, 24 inches long or over, and one on the others.

Two drawers in butler's pantry to be fitted with Yale "Paracentric" locks, No. 5552. All other drawers to be fitted with 4-inch square rim, figured iron drawer pulls, No. 3 finish, two to each drawer, 28 inches long and over, and one on the others.

Clothes Hooks. - The chamber closets and closet off back hall to be fitted with japanned double cast iron clothes hooks, 9 inches apart, all around the closet.

Closet under front stairs to have twelve bronze clothes hooks (similar to Yale & Towne hook, No. 1601), and four coat and hat hooks (similar to Yale & Towne hook, No. 1603).

[The author usually specifies the hardware for outside blinds, storm windows, screens, etc., in connection with the fixtures (see

Sections 285 and 287), but if not there specified they should be specified here.]