Turn the felt up against fire walls, chimneys, skylights, and rising parts 4 inches, and flash with strips of zinc (Merchant's or

* This is not always done.

Taylor's old style I. C. tin), turned up 5 inches against the walls and extended 3 inches on the roof, with the lower edge secured by 3d. nails, spaced 1 inch apart. Cover this flashing with 4-pound lead or 14 ounce copper let into joints in the brickwork at least 1 inch and secured by wooden plugs.

Counter flashing to come within. 2 inches of the roof surface, and on the scuttles and skylights the counter flashing to be turned over top of curb.

Solder the joints in the under flashing in a substantial manner.

The eave stops will be formed on the gutter, which will be put up by the metal workers.

The entire job to be done in a thorough and workmanlike manner, and to be accompanied by a written agreement or bond to repair all leaks within the term of three years from completion without cost to the owner.