The price of woods of all kinds varies not only with the locality but also with the condition of business, and is often controlled by "combinations" of the lumber dealers. The following prices, therefore, should be considered as comparative only:

Framing Timber. - In nearly all localities framing timber of medium sizes and lengths can be bought for about $16 per thousand feet (M); large sizes and lengths over 16 feet generally cost from $2 to $4 per M more.

Georgia Pine costs about $25 per M in Boston, $20 in New York,. $22 to $25 in Philadelphia and Chicago, $20 in Kansas City, $25 in Denver and $15 in the South.

Oregon Pine costs about $15 on the Pacific coast, $32 in Denver.

White Pine for finishing costs from $25 to $80 per thousand, according to quality ; whitewood, east of the Rocky Mountains, varies from $25 to $50; cypress costs from $28 to $40; redwood boards, of the best quality, cost at the present time in Denver $50 per M.

The hard woods used for interior finishing now sell at the following prices in New York City: Mahogany, 16 to 18 cents (per foot); white mahogany, 18 to 20 cents; red birch, 4 cents; cherry, 8 to 12 cents; quartered oak, 9 cents; black walnut, 10 cents; maple, 5 cents; ash, 3 cents; English brown oak (imported), satin wood and Circassian walnut sell at about 50 cents per square foot each.