Dumb waiters or light elevators intended for buildings of several stories, are usually provided with a brake for the hand wheel, to which a check rope is attached, by means of which the speed of the car in descending may be regulated, the counterweight being adjusted so that the car will descend when the brake is released.

The fixtures for dumb waiters, not including ropes, weights or guide runs, nor the fixed platforms, cost about $15 for the smallest size, and about $25 for for a medium size. With car and fittings all complete, the price varies from $30 to $40 for the smallest size, and up to $60 for larger sizes. For a run of more than 10 feet an additional price of from $5 to $10 per story is charged for the ropes, runs, etc.

Most dumb waiters may be made "double face," that is with openings on opposite sides for different stories; this involves, however, an additional charge of about $5 or $6, and more in some cases. A few styles can also be adapted to openings on adjacent sides, but this arrangement is not desirable if it can be avoided. The doors at the openings into the dumb waiter shaft are usually hung with cords and weights in the same manner as an ordinary window, and are provided with some form of spring catch which will hold the door either up or down.

Fig. 520. - Sedgwick Automatic Dumb Waiter. (Sedgwick Machine Work.).