341. - The contractor for the carpenter work is to allow the sum of $------ for the hardware trimmings of all doors and windows, and of the fittings in cedar closet and butler's pantry, exclusive of the sash cord, weights and pulleys and of tracks and hangers for sliding doors.

This allowance is to cover the net cost to the contractor, and the owner shall be permitted to select the hardware where he chooses, and is to have the benefit of any deduction from the allowance.

The contractor is to furnish the architect with a correct list of the hardware, and is to put it on in a careful and workmanlike manner.

He is also to provide and put on such other hardware as is called for by the plans and specifications.

[Here should follow specifications for hanging double-hung sash and sliding doors, and for cupboard and drawer trimmings, unless previously specified. For hanging sashes and sliding doors, see Sections 344 and 347.]