342. - The contractor is to furnish and put on at the proper time and in a skillful manner, all necessary hardware trimmings and fittings of the kind and quality herein specified. If any necessary hardware is omitted the carpenter is to supply the same to correspond with the hardware in the same room or closet.

All hardware to be put on with screws in finish to match.

Ornamental Hardware. - All of the trimming hardware of doors and windows in vestibule, first story hall, parlor, library and dining room to be of (Sargent & Co.'s) goods, of the designs and finishes indicated below, all the various pieces in the same room to have the same ornamentation and finish. Where goods are specified by number, Sargent & Co.'s catalogue is referred to unless otherwise specified.

Hall and vestibule, R N design, sand finish, clouded antique copper. Parlor, Y design, antique silver finish. Library, D design, light antique copper finish. Dining room, R G design, clouded bronze finish.

Door Hardware. - Butts. - The front doors to be hung with three 4x4-incb-heavy solid bronze butts to each door. Vestibule door to be hung with three 4x4-inch plated butts. All other swing doors opening into or from the hall and the three rooms mentioned, to be hung with two 4x4-inch plated butts. All butts to be loose-pin butts, finished to match the hardware of the room into which the door swings, and in dining room to have the ornamentation above indicated; the other butts to be plain ball-tipped butts.*

Locks, Knobs and Escutcheons. - The front doors [pair of doors] to be trimmed with cylinder set No. 803 R N, double trim. Vestibule door with cylinder set No. 8o3R N.†

All other swing doors in the rooms above mentioned, to be trimmed with Sargent's No. 5259P lock, with 2-inch round knobs and combined escutcheons of the ornamentation and finish above indicated. Face of locks to be finished to match the knobs.

The sliding doors between library and parlor and between library and dining room to be trimmed with Sargent's No. 6964P lock, with two large cup escutcheons of the ornamentation indicated, to each door.

Flush Bolts, Cupboard Doors, etc. - The standing leaf of front doors to have two No. 1109R N flush bolts on the face of the door, 12 inches long at the bottom and 18 inches long at the top.

Furnish one No. 9185R N push button for front door frame.

The cupboard doors in dining room to be hung with 2-inch light loose-pin, ball-tipped solid bronze butts, fitted with cabinet locks and trimmed with cabinet escutcheons No. 891R G.

The drawers below the cupboard to be trimmed with No. 800R G drop handles, two to each of the long drawers and one to each of the short ones.