311. - All the stock for interior finish of every kind is to be of the very best quality, free from knots or sap, thoroughly seasoned and kiln-dried (and of selected grain). All to be smoothed, scraped and sandpapered by hand before putting up, and at completion such work as is to have a natural finish, to be properly cleaned and all stains and finger marks removed.

No interior finish of any kind is to be taken to the building until the plastering is thoroughly dry, and all hard wood finish and flooring to be taken direct from the drying kiln to the building.

All moulded work to be stuck in accordance with full-size sections.

Finishing Woods. - The laundry, kitchen and back hall to be finished in selected hard pine (excepting doors, which are to be of white pine). The front hall and vestibule in first story, including the stairway to second story, to be finished in quarter-sawed white (red) oak.

The parlor to be finished in selected mahogany of a uniform dark color. [See Section 37.]

Dining room to be finished in selected brown ash; library and butler's pantry in cypress.

The front chamber in second story to be finished in selected bird's eye maple; balance of second story to be finished in white wood for staining or varnishing in natural color.

All other rooms and closets (except cedar closet) throughout the building axe to be finished in white pine, to paint.

[Other finishing woods that may be used are cherry, chestnut, beech, birch, butternut, white mahogany and black walnut.