375. - This contractor is to furnish and drive the piles indicated on sheet (1).

All piles shall be of sound (white oak, yellow pine, Norway pine or spruce). They must be at least (6) inches in diameter at the head and (10) inches at the butt when sawn off, and must be perfectly straight and trimmed close and have the bark stripped off before they are driven.*

The piles must be driven into hard bottom or until they do not move more than inch under the blow of a hammer weighing (2,000) pounds, falling (25) feet at the last blow. They must be driven vertically and at the distances apart required by the plans.

They must be cut off square at the head, and, when necessary to prevent brooming, shall be bound with iron hoops.

All piles, when driven to the required depth, shall be cut off square and horizontal at the grade indicated on the drawings by this contractor.

(See Sections 35, 36 and 37.)