When the author wrote the preface on the preceding page he had finished the first section of this work. The second section was blocked out, and it is the purpose of the publisher to put this in hands familiar with Mr. Kidder's methods and competent to carry out the work along the lines he has already laid down.

It was Mr. Kidder's plan to make this work a portion of his "Building Construction" Series. He had laid it out on broad lines, intending that it should be the most complete and elaborate work on Roof Trusses that had been presented to the American Architect or Builder.

This section, therefore, is presented as Part III of "Building Construction and Superintendence," which is in compliance with Mr. Kidder's last letter to the publisher, written just prior to his admission to the hospital, where he was to undergo the operation which unfortunately resulted in his death.

The second section will appear later as Part IV of the same series, and will be announced to all purchases of this Part as soon as it can be completed. THE PUBLISHER.