This contractor is to provide all metal work, and erect the partitions indicated by (gray) color or otherwise marked on the plans, and leave them in perfect condition for the plasterer. Wood furring will be furnished in pieces of the proper size by the carpenter, but this contractor is to secure them to the metal work. The above partitions to be formed of studs of 3/8x-inch channel iron, placed 16 inches centre to centre for partitions (II) feet high or less and 12 inches centre to centre for partitions more than (II) feet in height. All openings to be framed with 1x1-inch by 3/16-inch angle irons.

Studs must be securely fastened at top and bottom, and grounds for door and window openings must be firmly secured to the studs. Grounds for nailing of base, chair rail, picture moulds, etc., must be fitted and fastened in true and straight, inch over the line of studs on face side of partition and inch over line of studs on reverse side, 1 inches total thickness.

2. After grounds are put on the face side of partition to be covered with (Bost-wick steel lath put on with the loops inward or between the studs); the sheets of lath must come close together or lap on horizontal joints and the vertical joints must be broken properly; the lath must be secured by nailing on with trunk nails, driven through alongside of stud and clinched around behind it, each nail being on opposite side of stud from the one above and below it. The metal work must be properly braced to hold it in position until the mortar has become firm.

(The bracing should be a straight-edged flooring board put on over the lath, and staples set around the studs driven into the board can be easily drawn afterward, leaving only 1 inch of strip to fill in on face of partition and the staple holes on reverse after partitions become rigid.)

[For wire lathing specify as follows instead of as in paragraph 2.]

3. After grounds are put on cover one side of the partition with No. 20 painted (2x5) mesh wire lathing, stiffened with a -inch solid steel rib woven in at intervals of 7 inches, the rods to run crossways of the studs. The lathing to be firmly secured to the studding by No. 19 galvanized lacing wire.