358. - Under Floors

Lay an under floor throughout the first, second and third stories of (3-inch) spruce (native pine) planks, not over 9 inches wide, dressed on one side to a uniform thickness of not less than 2{ inches and grooved on both edges for hard pine splines x1 inches. The planks to be laid diagonally on the beams, blind nailed over every bearing with rod nails before the spline is driven in, and all end joints to be cut over centre of beams or close against the wall or flush with beams at opening.

Partitions. - The partitions will be built of 2-inch steel channels, with expanded metal on both sides, put up under another contract. The carpenter is to cut a 2x3-inch sole piece between the studding and spike to under floor, set up a 2x2-inch rough frame around the door and window openings and secure to the steel studding •by screws. Also furnish 2x2-inch wood furring blocks as may be necessary to secure the finish; these blocks to be attached to the partition by the contractor therefor.

[Windows, wood lintels, etc., as for any brick building.]