This contractor is to furnish and put up in a substantial manner all iron furring and lathing for enclosing the posts and girders and for forming the cornices, as shown on the drawings and as specified below. The lathing to be well lapped on to walls and ceilings to make a tight job.

Girders. - All girders projecting below the level of ceilings shall be encased by wire lathing, stiffened with a.-inch solid rib. The lathing to be rigidly supported by light iron furring built out to correct outline as shown on the plans. The furring to be so designed that the weight of the plaster and falsework will be supported by the girder and so as to afford a firm surface for plastering.

Cornices. - Full-size details of all cornice work will be supplied by the architects" at the proper time. Iron brackets, bent to correct outline and spaced not more than 18 inches apart, shall be secured in position in the best manner and well braced. Over this falsework wire lathing, stiffened with a -inch steel rib, shall be laced so as to conform with the profile of the brackets and produce a smooth, firm surface for plastering.

Columns. - All columns not enclosed in brickwork are to be wire lathed. Suitable light iron furring shall be provided so as to offset the lathing at least 2 inches from the ironwork and finish round or square as shown on the plans. The lathing to be stiffened with a -inch solid rib woven in every 7 inches.

All other exposed ironwork shall be suitably encased with wire lathing supported whenever necessary by light iron furring, and in all cases providing an air space of at least 1 inch between the ironwork and the plaster.

All the above lathing to be painted (galvanized), of No, 20 gauge and (2x5) mesh, and to be securely laced to the furring with No. 19 galvanized lacing wire.

(All work here contemplated must comply with the requirements of the Department of Building.)