Cover all ceilings, soffits of stairs, both sides of all wood partitions, and all wooden posts and girders throughout the building with the (Roebling) stiffened wire lath, painted. No. 20 gauge, and (2x5) (2x2) mesh, with 3/8-inch V-ribs. (For the posts and girders and on planking -inch ribs will give better protection both from fire and dry rot.)

The lathing to be applied with the ribs running at right angles to the beams; to be tightly stretched and secured with galvanized steel nails, driven through each end of each rib, and at every bearing between and every 9 inches on timbers and planking. The strips to lap on a joist in every case and to be carried down 2 inches on the walls. Care must be exercised to see that no holes are left at any place in the ceiling where the plastering can drop off and fire enter.

Lath the outside walls of finished portion of basement, from floor to ceiling, with (Roebling) stiffened lathing, painted, No. 20 gauge, (2x5) mesh and 1-inch V-ribs. To be tightly stretched, lapped 1 inch and secured to the walls with 10d. steel nails driven through the ribs every 8 inches and at each end. The lathing to be applied with the stiffening bars vertical. All the above lathing to be done in the most approved manner so as to give a firm surface upon which to apply the plaster.