384. - Material

This contractor shall furnish and set wherever called for on drawings terra cotta to exactly match in color the sample submitted, all in strict accordance with detail drawings. Material for all terra cotta to be carefully selected clay, left in perfect condition after burning, and uniform in color. All pieces to be perfectly straight and true, and with mould of uniform size where continuous. No warped or discolored pieces will be allowed. This contractor to furnish a sufficient number of over pieces, so as to avoid all delay.

Modeling. - All work shall be carefully modeled by skilled workmen, in strict accordance with detail drawings, and models shall be submitted for architect's approval before the work is burned. No work burnt without such approval will be accepted by the architects unless perfectly satisfactory.

Mortar. - All mortar used for exposed joints in terra cotta work shall be composed of lime putty, colored with (Pecora) or (Peerless) mortar stains to match the mortar used for pressed brickwork.

Ornamental Fronts, Belt Courses, Bands. - This contractor shall furnish and set all ornamental terra cotta, belt courses and bands, as shown on elevations or sections or where otherwise indicated, in strict accordance with detail drawings. All terra cotta work to be secured to the ironwork in the most approved manner, with substantial wrought iron or copper anchors, and thoroughly bedded in cement mortar. All horizontal joints to have lap joints. All projecting courses to have drips formed on under side.

Caps and Jambs, Sills. - All caps and jambs where indicated as terra cotta will be constructed in strict accordance with detail drawings. All sills and belt courses to have countersunk cement joints as directed by the superintendent. All projecting sills to have drips formed on under side and all sills shall be raggled for hoop iron, which shall be bedded by this contractor in cement mortar.

Terra Cotta Mullions. - All ornamental mullions of terra cotta to be secured to metal uprights in approved manner, and well bedded and slushed with cement mortar.

Cornice. - This contractor shall construct the cornice in strict accordance with detail drawings, with sufficient projection through walls and approved anchorage to the metal work to make them thoroughly secure. This contractor to furnish all necessary anchors. Form raggle in cornice as shown for connection of gutter, this raggle to be on face of terra cotta. Leave openings in cornice for down-spouts as shown.

Anchors. - This contractor shall furnish all anchors of substantial wrought iron or copper, for the proper support and anchoring of all terra cotta used in his work. All terra cotta to be drawn to tight and accurate joints to entire satisfaction of the superintendent. All terra cotta must fit the supporting metal work exactly.

Cutting and Fitting. - This contractor shall do all fitting necessary to make his work perfect in every particular, all possible cutting and fitting to be done at the factory before delivery.

Protection of Terra Cotta. - All projecting terra cotta shall be protected with sound plank durirg erection of the building by terra cotta contractor, said protection pieces to be removed on cleaning down the building.

* From specifications of Fort Dearborn Building.

Cleaning Down. - This contractor shall carefully clean down all terra cotta work on completion of building, when directed by the superintendent, and shall carefully point up all joints before leaving the work.