(over woodwork.) This contractor is to fur all ceilings, soffits of stairs, all timber beams and posts, and both sides of all wood partitions throughout the building with Hammond's metal furring with (1)-inch bearings, the stiffening rods to be placed (6) (see Section 333) inches on centres, across floor beams and studding, and a line of furring to be placed on each side of each angle, as near the angle as possible. Posts and girders to be furred lengthways, with a line on each angle, and every 7 1/5 inches between.

[If the architect does not wish to specify this furring he can specify 3/32 x 7/8-inch corrugated band iron, put up with 1-inch staples.]

All furring to be substantially secured with 2-inch No. 13 steel staples (see Section 333) and to be set to give a true and even surface for the lathing.

Cover all the above surfaces with (plain, painted, japanned, galvanized) wire lathing (2) (2x5) mesh, No. (20) wire, tightly stretched and secured with (2)-inch No. 13 steel staples (see Section 333) driven over the lath and furring at each bearing where the lathing runs crossways of the timbers, and every (6) inches where the bearings run parallel with the timbers. The lathing to be lapped at least inch where the strips come together and 1 or 2 inches at all angles of walls or wall and ceiling.