Schedule: - To be used in dining room.


Unless otherwise specified, all oak to be best selected thoroughly seasoned American quartered white oak, to show good grain, and to be free from shakes, knots, stains, or any other imperfections.

North Carolina Hard Pine

Unless otherwise specified, to be selected first quality.

Schedule: - To be used as follows:

Back Entry

Kitchen. Pantry. China Closet. Bathroom.

Picture Moulding

Of same wood as finish, around principal rooms of first story, 1 1/8 by 2 1/2 inches; around all chambers, second story, main house, 7/8 inch by 3/4 inch. Unless otherwise directed, to be 1 foot 6 inches below celling; and where there is a cornice, 1/2 inch below cornice. Picture moulding to be finished by painter, except last coat, before putting up.


To have high shelf and strips all around, for clothes hooks. Unless otherwise directed, shelf to be 7/8 inch by 14 inches, 5 feet 10 inches above floor, with hook rows at 4 feet 6 inches and 5 feet 6 inches above floor.

Linen Closet

To have counter shelf, with four drawers below, and with shelves above, 16 inches apart, extending to ceiling; these to be fitted with doors hinged at bottom to drop down.

China Closet

To have counter shelf 2 feet 8 inches above floor; paneled, hinged doors and 8 drawers, one drawer subdivided, under; hinged, glazed doors and 5 shelves, over. Frame for sink. High closet over sink, to have glazed doors and 3 shelves. To have 8 inches clear space over counter shelf.


To have counter shelf as shown 2 feet 8 inches high, with four 7/8-inch by 14-inch shelves above, and 4 drawers below, one drawer being divided for knives, etc.; space for 2 flour-bins with doors; remainder of space to have shelving enclosed by sheathed doors. All this to be of clear white pine or whitewood, for natural finish.

Broom Rack

To be put up in broom closet or in cellar stairway; to have cast-iron holders for sweeping and whisk brooms, dustpan, fire bucket, etc., to be included in hardware.

Tank In Attic

To be built of 2-inch plank, tongued and grooved, fastened together with iron rods and nuts, to be well cleated. To be 4 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet.

Plumbing Strips

To be put up to support pipe where required by plumber. Water-closet seats and tanks, except in attic, to be furnished by plumber.


Allow a total sum of $125.00 for wood mantels delivered at house, to be selected by Owner, set by carpenter, and finished by painter.

Finish Floors

Upper floor is not to be laid where there are double floors, until standing finish is all in place. All lining floors to be thoroughly repaired and cleaned before finish floor is laid.

Oak Floors

To be in first floor of main house, except in kitchen, of matched quartered-oak flooring, 7/8 inch by 2 1/2 inches, clear, thoroughly seasoned, and kiln-dried, blind-nailed to every bearing with 8-penny nails, laid over rough floor, to be planed off, scraped, and sandpapered ready for finishing. Protect properly.

Hard Pine Floors

Hard pine floors, in kitchen, pantries, and bathroom, to be of 7/8-inch by 2 1/2-inch matched-rift Georgia pine.


To cost one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) for all trimmings of doors and window's, and fittings in china closet and pantry, closets, drawers, etc., allowance to cover net cost to Contractor; Architect or Owner to select hardware where he chooses; and Owner to have benefit of any deduction from allowance. Carpenter to furnish correct list of hardware, and to put it on carefully and in workmanlike manner.

Painting. - Samples

Samples of all colors to be submitted for Architect's approval.

Knots And Defects

Sap, pitch, knots, and similar defects, to be covered with good-quality shellac.

Number Of Coats

Unless expressly so indicated, priming and shellacing is not to count as a coat in this specification.

Exterior Finish

All dressed exterior finish, blinds, and sash, to be painted two coats, after priming, of white lead and linseed oil

Hard Pine

Pulley stiles and floors, and steps of porches, to receive two coats oil, well rubbed in.

Following is a general memorandum of exterior painting. This is to be compared with plans, and all work is to be left with painter's finish complete.


Finish, 2 coats paint after priming. Porch Floors, 2 coats oil. Blinds, 3 coats. Metal, 3 coats. Shingles, natural.

Inside Finish

Except where otherwise specified, all inside finish is to be well filled, and is to have one coat stain and shellac and two coats of dead hard oil finish. All work about kitchen and bathrooms to have two coats of hard oil with high gloss.

Ivory White

Where indicated, give one coat shellac, then 3 coats lead and oil paint, sandpapering each coat; then 2 coats white lead, zinc, and white varnish, rubbing down with pumice-stone and oil; sample and tint to be approved.

Whitewood Finish

Whitewood and other finish, unless otherwise specified, to have three good coats lead and oil. Color as approved; last coat to have suitable proportion of zinc, and to be left with flat or oil finish.


Treat hardwood finish according to best methods with potash; give coat of oil or paste filler; clean off; give 4 coats of white shellac, sandpapering after each coat except last, which is to be rubbed to dull finish with pumice-stone and oil.

Enamel White

Give one coat shellac; then 4 coats lead and oil paint, sandpapering each coat; then 2 coats white varnish, rubbed each with pumice-stone and oil, sample to be approved.

Standing Hard-Pine Finish

Standing hard-pine finish to be given one coat approved primer and filler, sandpapered; one coat approved inside spar varnish, rubbed down; and one coat approved inside spar varnish, flowed on.