- Rough Lumber. All wood which is not exposed to view in rooms above basement, may be of pine, spruce, or hemlock, sized and seasoned.

Joists And Stringers

Joists and stair stringers must be sound, with no loose knots or knots over 2 1/2 inches measured the longest way within 3 inches of the lower or within 1 inch of the upper edge.


Studs must be sound, with no loose knots in either edge.

Miscellaneous framing lumber, bridging, etc., must be sound.

There will be no wood floors in basement. Cover all joists and rafters with tongued and grooved pine or spruce boards 7/8 inch thick and not over 5 inches wide, for lining. Shakes and other imperfections will be accepted, which do not leave holes, provided the imperfection is of such a character that it will firmly hold a nail.

All finished floors of first and second stories will be of quartered white oak; and all floors above will be of edge-grain pine, all tongued and grooved and not over 2 1/2 inches face, thoroughly kiln-dried, of a quality free from shakes. Sound knots will be allowed; also imperfections which do not extend to within 1/4 inch of the wearing surface.

All miscellaneous lumber for grounds, window-frames, etc., may be of pine or spruce, with square edges and free from loose knots.

There will be no finish in basement, except door-frames and doors, which will be stock pattern and paneled 1 3/4 inches thick.

The finishing lumber for all rooms on first floor except kitchen, pantries, and closets, will be of quartered white oak, with bright surface, and with no imperfections which appear on the face or exposed edges; but sound knots of any size, which are finished smooth, will be allowed. All other finishing lumber of first and second floors is to be of oak, ash, or birch, of a quality specified above, but may be straight-sawed.

All finishing lumber above second floor is to be of pine, of a quality containing no defects which one coat of shellac and three coats of paint will not cover.

All shelving in closets and pantries throughout the building, may be of pine or poplar, full 7/8 inch thick.

All stair treads, rails, balusters, and risers are to be of quartered white oak, the treads to be 1 1/8 inches thick, all strings to be of the same wood as the finish of adjoining floors.