One 36-inch by 24-inch by 8-inch soapstone sink, with 12-inch back, and soap dish. Set on galvanized-iron standards. To waste through 6-inch lead trap. Supply through 3/4-inch compression bibs. Hose end on cold cock. Brasswork to be polished.

In china closet - one 24 by 14-inch recessed, 18-ounce, tinned-copper sink, with 1 1/2-inch standing waste and overflow. Waste same as in case of kitchen sink. Supply through tall gooseneck, heavy-pattern compression-cocks. Hose end on cold cock. Brass-work to be nickel-plated.

In laundry - two 24-inch soapstone trays, with 12-inch back, and soap dish, plugs, and chains. Set on galvanized-iron standards.

Range Boiler

One 40-gallon copper boiler on galvanized stand. Connected to range by 3/4-inch brass pipe.

All fixtures, except water-closets, to be supplied with hot and cold water.