All materials and labor required for the complete execution of the work are to be of the best quality unless otherwise provided, and are to be furnished in place by the Contractor; also all scaffolding apparatus, etc.

The Contractor

Personal superintendence is to be given by the Contractor to the work, and a competent foreman is to be at all times on the work. He is to lay out the work carefully, and will be held responsible for any mistakes which he, or any one in his employ, or any of his sub-contractors, may make.

He is to be responsible, also, for any accidents either to person or property, which may occur in connection with the execution of the work either directly or indirectly, for which otherwise the Owner might suffer.

He is to obtain all permits from the city officials required by ordinances; is to pay all fees for water supply, sewer connections, etc.; and is to follow all the requirements of the building laws whether incorporated in this specification or not.

He is to be responsible for all materials, whether incorporated in the building or not, until the final acceptance of the work; and any damage there may be from any cause is to be repaired; or, if beyond repair, the damaged portion is to be replaced.

He is to keep the building fully insured; and all policies are to be so drawn that the loss, if any, is to be paid to the Owner as his interest may appear.

He is to provide such fences as will be required to protect adjoining property.

The Architect

The Architect will have charge of the work, and is to exercise such supervision as will enable him to determine whether the true spirit and intent of the drawings and specification is being carried out. If, in the exercise of this function, he finds that any employee of the Contractor is, through incompetence or wilfulness, a detriment to the work, he will file with the Contractor definite charges; and, upon the filing of such charges, the Contractor will discontinue the services of such employee in connection with this work.

The Architect will issue on the third of each month a voucher calling for ninety (90) per cent of the value of labor and material incorporated completely in place in the building on the first of the month, which voucher will be honored on presentation to the Owner; but this clause will not require the Architect to include in the voucher the value of any material placed in the building which in his opinion does not meet the contract requirements.

The Architect will be the interpreter of the intent and meaning of the drawings and specification, and his decision shall be final and binding on both Owner and Contractor. .

Drawings And Specification

The drawings and specification are to be considered as co-operative; and the work or material called for by one and not indicated or mentioned in the other, is to be furnished and done as though fully treated in both.

If no figures or memoranda are given, drawings are to be accurately followed according to scale; but wherever there are figures or memoranda, these are to be followed instead of the scale, if there is a discrepancy.

Detail drawings will be furnished of such portions of the work as the Architect may desire to explain more fully; and any work constructed without such drawings (except by permission expressly obtained), or not in accordance with them, must be taken down and replaced at the Contractor's expense.

No changes are to be made without written order signed by the Architect; and the adjustment, whether allowance or extra expense, is to be made at that time.