Other towers are framed in a manner similar to that described for a cupola. There is always a base or drum, with posts at the corners and with the walls filled in with studding, which supports a plate at the top. The rafters forming the tower roof rest at the foot on this plate, and at the top they bear against a piece of scantling which is carried down into the body of the tower for a considerable distance and is there fastened to a tie passing between rafters on opposite sides. This is shown in Fig. 249. The tie A is securely nailed to the rafters at each end, and to a post in the middle. The post is cut so as to have as many faces as the roof has sides, four for a square hip roof, eight for an octagon roof, and so on. Each face receives one of the hip rafters and the intermediate rafters are framed in between them. If the roof is conical or bell shape, as shown in the figure, the post at the top may be cylindrical in form. Although the roof shown is bell shaped the rafters are not cut to fit the curve. They are made straight and are filled out by furring pieces B. Pieces of plank C are cut in between the furring pieces, as shown, so as to give a nailing for the boarding, and they are cut to the shape of segments of circles, so as to form complete circles around the tower when they have been put in place. If a tower of this shape is to be built, having a number of faces and hips, the curve of the hip rafters will not be the same as the curve shown by a section through one of the faces of the tower. In order to find the true curve for the hip rafter, the same method is followed as was explained for hip rafters in an ogee roof over a bay window, using the principle that any line drawn in the roof surface parallel to the plate is horizontal throughout its length. By this means any number of points in the curve of the hip rafter may be obtained and the curve for the hip may be drawn through them. Thus a pattern for the hip rafter may be obtained.

Fig. 249. Section Showing Frame Construction of Small Tower

Fig. 249. Section Showing Frame Construction of Small Tower.