Bowls and lavatories can be had in almost any form. Fig. 18 shows a simple corner lavatory, made of porcelain and provided with hot and cold water faucets. It has an overflow, shown by the small openings at the back and a rubber plug for closing the drain at the bottom.

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Fig. 16.

Lavatories 1000223

Fig. 17.

The lavatory shown in Fig.

19 is provided with marble slabs and is more expensive. Fig.

20 shows a section through the bowl. The waste pipe is at the back, which brings the plug and chain well out of the way. A pattern still more elaborate is shown in Fig. 21, and a section through the bowl in Fig. 22. The waste pipe plug in this case is in the form of a hollow tube and acts as an overflow when closed and as a strainer when open. It is held open by means of a slot and pin near the top. Fig. 23 shows a bowl so arranged that either hot, cold or tepid water may be drawn through the same opening which is placed well down in the bowl where it is out of the way.

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Fig. 18.

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Fig. 19.

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Fig. 20.