Dumb-Waiters, Skylights Over Elevators

The foregoing requirement as to brick or fire-proof shafts shall include dumbwaiters which extend through more than three stories in dwelling-houses. The roofs over all elevators shall be made of fireproof materials, with a skylight at least three fourths the area of the shaft, made of glass, set in iron frames.

Screen Of Iron Under Elevator Machinery

Immediately under the machinery at the top of every elevator shaft hereafter placed in any building in said city, there shall be provided and placed a substantial grating or screen of iron, of such construction as shall be approved by the superintendent of buildings.

Sec. 493. Mansard Roof

If a mansard or any other roof having a pitch of over sixty degrees be placed on any building, except a wooden building, or a dwelling-house not exceeding thirty-three feet in height, it shall be constructed of iron rafters, and lathed with iron on the inside and plastered, or filled in with fire-proof material not less than three inches thick, and covered with metal, slate, or tile.

Bulkheads - used as inclosures for tanks and elevators, and coverings for the machinery of elevators and all other bulkheads, including the bulkheads of all dwelling-houses hereafter erected or altered, may be constructed of hollow fire-proot blocks or of wood, covered with not less than two inches of fireproof material, or filled in the thickness of the studding with such material, and covered on all sides with metal, including sides and edges of doors.

Cornices And Gutters

All exterior cornices and gutters of all buildings hereafter erected shall be of some fire-proof material. All fire proof cornices shall be well secured to the walls with iron anchors.

Sec. 494. Dormer Windows, Scuttles And Skylights

The planking and sheathing of the roof of every building erected or built as aforesaid shall in no case be extended across the front, rear, side, end or party wall thereof, and every such building and the tops and sides of every dormer window thereon shall be covered and roofed with slate, tin, zinc, copper or iron, or such other quality of fire-proof roofing as the superintendent of buildings, under his certificate, may authorize, and the outside of the frames of every dormer window hereafter placed upon any building as aforesaid shall be made of some fire-proof material. And no wooden building in any part of the said city, more than two stories or above twenty feet in height above the curb level to the highest part thereof, which shall require roofing, shall be roofed with any other roofing or covered except as aforesaid. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the repairing of any shingle roof, provided the building is not altered in height- All buildings shall have scuttles or bulkheads, covered with some fire-proof materials, with ladders or stairs leading thereto. No scuttle shall be less in size than two by three feet. All skylights having a superficial area of more than nine square feet, placed in any building, shall have the sashes and frames thereof constructed of iron and glass. Every fire-proof roof hereafter placed on any building shall have, besides the usual scuttle or bulkhead, a skylight or skylights of a superficial area equal to not less than one fiftieth the superficial area of such fire-proof roof.

Iron Ladders To Scuttles

All buildings shall have scuttles or bulkheads, covered with some fire-proof materials, with ladders or stairs leading thereto.

Fire Escapes

Every dwelling-house occupied by or built to be occupied by three or more families above the first story, and every building already erected, or that may hereafter be erected, more than three stories in height, occupied or used as a hotel or lodging-house, and every boarding-house having more than fifteen sleeping-rooms above the basement story, and every factory, mill, manufactory or workshop, hospital, asylum or institution for the care or treatment of individuals, and every building in whole or in part occupied or used as a school 01 place of instruction, or assembly, and every office building five stories or more in height, shall be provided with such good and sufficient fire escapes or other means of egress in case of fire as shall be directed by the superintendent of buildings, and said superintendent shall direct such fire escapes and means of egress to be provided in all cases where he shall deem the same necessary.

Roof Gardens On Theatres

Nothing herein contained shall prevent a roof garden, art gallery or rooms for similar purposes being placed above a theatre or public building, provided the floor of same forming the roof over such theatre or building shall be constructed of iron or steel and fire-proof materials, and that said floor shall have no covering boards or sleepers of wood, but be of tile or cement. Every roof over said garden or rooms shall have all supports and rafters of iron or steel, and shall be covered with glass or fire-proof materials or both.