The lime is to be best white chalk lime, well slaked and screened.


All hair is to be best long black bullock's hair, well beaten and free from grease and dirt.


The laths are to be " lath-and-half" rent out of the heart of the best red Baltic fir, and free from sap and knots. Laths to be butt jointed, the joints frequently broken in narrow bags, and nailed with good galvanised cut wrought-iron lathing nails.


Render external walls in two coats above string, as shown on elevations, with lias lime mortar as before described in which yellow colouring matter has been mixed to approved tints, and pebble dash with pea grit while wet. Form weathering in same to string.


Lath plaster, float, and set all ceilings and stud partitions.

Render, float and set all internal brick walls, except those of scullery, w.c, coals, and larder.

Cement Skirting

Run round walls of scullery and w.c. a 7 by 3/4-in. plain cement skirting, formed with Portland cement and sand in equal proportions.


Form all external plaster angles inside house with Keene's cement.