The glass to be of the best description of its respective kinds, free from all waves and air globules, and to be bedded in putty and back puttied and sprigged in.

All edges of plate glass to be blacked. All doors to be glazed in wash leather. The shop and showroom windows to be glazed in vulcanite.


Glaze the skylights with Pilkington's patent 1/16-inch wired-cast plate.

Lantern Lights

Glaze the side sashes of lantern lights with Hartley's 1/8-inch rough plate.

Glaze the shop and showroom windows and doors with 1/4-inch British polished plate.

Glaze all other windows and doors with 26-inch seconds sheet glass.

All windows opposite escape staircases to be glazed with Pilkington's fire-proof glass.