All timber, unless otherwise specified, to be the best imported quality of red deal, free from sap-wood, large or loose knots, shakes, and other defects, and all to be well seasoned. All timber in sight to be wrought. Roof timbers, floor joists, and plates to be Oregon, except joists and plates under ground floor, which are to be Jarrah or Karri.

All ceiling boards, cornices, architraves, and other mouldings, etc., are to be well sand-papered before they are fixed, and all doors to be cleaned, cramped up, and glued where necessary.

Lintels, Etc

All lintels to be 3 inches thick, of the full widths, and with 6-inch wall-rest each end.

No timbers to come nearer than 9 inches to flues, and if necessary to be supported on wrought or cast-iron corbels.

Provide any necessary centering, etc., and remove same as and when directed, and provide all necessary fixing blocks, etc., for joinery.


Construct the roofs as shown on drawings, with 9 by 1 1/2-inch ridges, hips, valleys, and gutter bearers; 4 1/2 by 3-inch rafters not more than 30-inch centres, having 3 by 1 1/2-inch tilting pieces to eaves where no stoep; 6 by 1 1/2-inch ceiling joists or tie beams; 4 1/2 by 3-inch plates, struts, uprights, and braces; and 9 by 3-inch bearers where and as shown. Truss over 4 1/2-inch wall with 4 1/2 by 3-inch head and sill, and 4 1/2 by 1 1/2-inch uprights at 3-feet 6-inch centres. All to be strongly framed together and braced as necessary. Cover roofs throughout with 7/8-inch G. & T. boarding.

Form all gutters and valleys with 1-inch boarding on proper and sufficient bearers firred up as necessary, and laid to proper falls.

The bearer over piers carrying verandah roof to be properly framed together and in deal.

Form flats where shown with 1 1/2-inch bearers firred up as necessary to obtain proper falls, and covered with boarding as before, with all necessary rolls, drips, etc., as and where shown, and properly strutted.

Construct the roof over servants' w. c. and woodshed with 4 1/2 by 3-inch purlins spaced as shown, and covered with 24 gauge galvanised iron, fixed with Roger's patent screws and washers.


Finish eaves of roofs with 6 by 1 1/4-inch eaves fascias, and small moulding under gutter and soffit with 12-inch projection in clear from 3 by 2 inch specially run moulding under to detail.

Finish eaves of lean-to roof (over w.c, etc.) with similar fascias, and side with 5 by 1-inch do., barge board with bevelled capping.

Barge Boards, Etc

Provide and fix to projecting gable moulded deal barge boards, with projecting moulding planted on, cut to fit the soffit of slates.

All the above roofs to be put together in the strongest possible manner, and well strapped to 4 1/2 by 3-inch wall-plates. Wall-plates to be secured to walls by |-inch bolts 2 feet 6 inches long, with anchor-plates at bottom every 5 feet apart, and upper wall-plate where necessary bolted to wall-plates with similar bolts, but shorter, or tied to same with stout hoop iron to approval.


The verandah roof is included in above.

Frame up the front gable in accordance with drawings on 11 by 3-inch bearer with 3 by 1-inch fillets on either side of same to take rafters and ceiling joists; 9 by 3-inch bearer to be taken out from brick wall of hall as shown and tenoned into the 11 by 3-inch bearer. Bolt these 9 and 3-inch bearers down to walls with bolts as for wall-plates. Studding to gable to be 4 by 1 inches, two to each half timber, and 4 by 3-inch raking pieces, all properly braced with 4 by 1 1/2-inch interties and 3 by 1-inch diagonal bracing, as per detail to be supplied.

The half timberwork to gable to be in Jarrah or Karri, with 7 by 1 1/2-inch uprights, 4 by 1 1/2-inch raking pieces, and 10 by 1 1/2-inch chamfered and diminished lower plates, all rebated for plaster.


The ground floor joists to be of Oregon pine on 4 1/2 by 3-inch Jarrah; wall and sleeper plates to be 9 by 3 inches to dining and drawing-rooms and hall, with two rows of herring-bone strutting between same in dining-room and drawing-room, and the remainder 4 1/2 by 3 inches. All joists to be at 18-inch centres, and spiked to 4 1/2 by 3-inch wall-plates.

Cover the floors throughout, except as already specified, with 7/8 red deal flooring, well cramped up and secured with two nails to each bearing on floor joists, with splayed heading joints, heads punched in, and all planed off smooth at completion. Trim for all hearths to approval.


Provide and fix to all rooms, etc. 6 by 7/8 moulded skirtings to detail to be supplied, - p.c. 2d. per foot run. Kitchen to have small fillet to break-joint of dado and floor.


Allow the sum of 20 p.c. for steel plate ceilings to dining and drawing-rooms, including cornices and fixing, and add for profit, scaffolding, and attendance.

Cover the remainder of the ceilings, including those of stoep, kitchen, pantry, and servants' room, throughout with 1/2-inch T. G. and double-beaded boarding, all well and closely laid and cramped up and finished to approval. The stoep ceiling to have beads to treak-joint and angles and against plate and walls.

Trim for and form trap door in ceiling in position to be pointed out by Architects.

The ceiling of hall to have two 9 by 3-inch bearers with 2 1/2-inch cut brackets under, and cornices mitred round and covered with scrim, fixed with copper and stout lining paper.

Picture Rail

Provide and fix to hall, dining-room, drawing-room, and best bedroom 2 by 1 1/2-inch stock pattern picture rail, at height shown on drawings, or as directed by Architects.

Provide and fix moulded cornice to detail 6-inch girth p.c. 2 3/4d. per foot run to all rooms except where there are steel ceilings, kitchen, and pantry.

Provide and fix to kitchen, servants' room, and pantry small scotia to break-joint of ceiling.


The front entrance door to be in deal 2 inches thick; size, 6 feet 10 inches by 3 feet; upper panel prepared for glass as shown, and all in accordance with detail, having 1 3/4-inch fanlight hung to 4 1/2 by 3-inch rebated and moulded frame, and sidelights with beads for fixing glass. Fix lock, etc., provided by proprietor. Provide and fix Preston's patent fanlight opener to fanlight, with all necessary cords, etc.

The double doors to stoep from dining and drawing-room to be similar in all respects, but 1 3/4-inch thick, and sashed with bars as shown, having fanlights 1 3/4 inch, with opener as before, all to detail. The doorway at end of hall opposite entrance door to be similar in all respects to front door, but with no sidelights.

The kitchen external door to be a stock sash door 6 feet 8 inches by 2 feet 8 inches by 1 3/4 inches, hung to frames, etc., as before, with similar fanlight and opener.

The internal doors throughout to be four-panelled stock doors, sizes as follow: - Dining and drawing-room doors, 6 feet 10 inches by 2 feet 10 inches by 1 3/4 inch; bedrooms and kitchen, 6 feet 8 inches by 2 feet 8 inches by 1 3/4 inch; bathroom, inside w.c, servants' room, and pantry, 6 feet 6 inches by 2 feet 6 inches by 1 3/4 inch. All to be hung to 1 1/4-inch framed jambs where in walls, and to solid, rounded, rebated, and grooved frames where there are plaster plate partitions.

Bathroom door to have fanlight over.


All doors facing hall and passages to be specially selected for staining. Fix all butts, locks, bolts, fastenings, locks, furniture, and finger-plates provided by Proprietor for these doors.

The w.c. door in yard to be 1 3/4-inch framed and braced batten door, hung in 4 1/2 by 3-inch solid frame, size 6 feet 8 inches by 2 feet 8 inches. The door to cellar under stoep to be similar in all respects, but 5 feet 6 inches by 2 feet 8 inches.


Form gates in wall to high-level road out of 2 1/2-inch stuff, hung to 4 1/2 by 3-inch rebated posts bolted to piers. Gate to be as detail, and to be provided with hinges, latches, etc., provided by Proprietor.


Windows throughout, except where hereafter mentioned, to have deal-cased frames as follows, and 1 3/4-inch ovolo-moulded double-hung sashes, namely, 1 1/4-inch outside and 1-inch inside linings, 1 1/2-inch pulley styles, and 1/2-inch back linings, with all necessary beads, parting slips, etc., complete, and all properly framed together, with 5 by 3-inch sunk, weathered, throated, and rebated teak sills. Upper sashes to be divided into panes as shown, with 1 1/4-inch bars moulded as sashes. All to be hung with best approved flax lines over approved brass faced axle pulleys, and fitted with sash fasteners and lifting rings to be provided by proprietor.

W.c. windows to be casement hung, 1 1/8-inch sashes divided as shown, and hung to 4 1/2 by 3-inch rebated and rounded frames, and head, with sill as before.

Butts, casement stays, and fasteners will be provided by proprietor.

Form borrowed light from kitchen to passage as above, but sash to be fixed outside, size 3 feet 6 inches by 2 feet 6 inches.

All windows as above requiring same to have 3/4-inch linings, 1 1/4-moulded window boards with fillet under, and 3 1/2 by 7/8-inch architrave to detail, p.c. 1 1/4d. per foot run, with all necessary mitres, returned ends, etc.

Door architraves to be similar to above, and outer moulding of architrave to mitre with skirting.

Form louvred ventilator where and of the size shown on front elevation, with 4 1/2 by 3-inch frames and head, and 6 by 3-inch moulded, rebated, and throated teak sill, and 5/8 by 4-inch louvres spaced at 2-inch centres.

Provide and fix supports under sink, and form cupboard in same, with 3 by 1 1/4-inch square framing, and with plain ledged door with turnbuckle and knob. Draining board to be in teak, with sink opening cut out of solid, and grooved, etc., to architect's approval.

Provide and fix in pantry on strong and sufficient bearers and brackets three tiers of shelving, bottom tier 18 inches wide, one 12 inches, and two 9 inches.

Provide and fix to kitchen fireplace a mantelshelf 8 inches wide and 1 1/2 inch thick on cut and shaped brackets and bearer against wall.

Provide and fix seats for two tanks of 9 by 3-inch deal bearers, 7/8-inch boarding, and 2-inch curb round same, in positions to be hereafter decided.

Fix wooden mantelpieces and grates and tile surroundings provided by Proprietor.

Form cupboard in best bedroom where shown, with pair of 1 1/2-inch doors, moulded to match door on room side, and square finished inside. Doors to be hung to 4 by 3-inch frames, and with architrave as other doors, and finished on top with 2 1/2 by 2-inch moulding as cornice, with returned end on one side and 1-inch boarded top behind on proper bearer.

Fix in cupboard one shelf, 12 inches wide, 15 inches from top, and under same a 6 by 1-inch chamfered peg rail. Fix lock, etc., and hooks to be provided by Proprietor.

Provide the sum of 5 p.c. for electric bells, and inlcude for profit and attendance.