It is so wonderfully full of suggestion that it is given here as a study, more especially in the arrangement of accessories. Look into it well, and see how wondrously the artist has been influenced by the form of composition now under contemplation. It is full of pyramids and diagonals, and yet how beautifully harmonious it is in every particular, and how true to nature.

63. Should you desire to further exercise in the study of this style of composition, take prints from your own negatives and study them, taking note of where you have erred and where you have preserved the proper form. Draw pyramidal lines if you will, as in the figure above, and then invent improvements agreeable to the subject and the accessories you may possess. As has been said, it is not intended that a rigid following should always be observed of the form of composition chosen by you for your picture in hand. Only let it influence you, as the sun and the clear air do when you walk. How even the ancients worked pyramidally is shown by "The Goat and Faun," taken from a mural painting at Herculaneum. These illustrations par-

Fig. 20.

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Fig. 21.

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63. If you would have success, you must work for it. Look at the example of Mr. "W. Kurtz, the artist-photographer. Let us look into the cause of his great success. In the first place, he is the very hardest and most faithful worker in the whole establishment. Every pose is made either by hirn personally or under his immediate supervision; the lighting especially claiming his entire attention. I sometimes think he knows exactly what he is about. The features of every individual undergo close scrutiny, and the most is made of his or her point. Nothing is "all right" until he has thoroughly examined it, and every negative taken is carefully studied by him before he says it is "all right." Again, he examines every "proof" before it is shown to the sitter, and such as do not come up to the mark of "all right" are destroyed. - Elbert Anderson.

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take rather of the grotesque, sometimes, but such are believed to be most easily remembered. They are all impressive works of art.