728. Application

Application. Hand Camera - Tessar is light and compact and may be fitted to any hand camera. In the shorter foci it is particularly adapted to use with cameras of fixed extension employed for instantaneous work.

729. Portraiture And Groups

Portraiture And Groups. Here Tessar's speed, accuracy of definition, depth of focus and flat field give it an important place.

730. Landscapes

Landscapes. Tessars of long focus produce excellent results in landscape work. Objects in the distance and in the foreground are depicted with marvelous accuracy.

731. General Work - None of the Zeiss series is so universally adapted to all the requirements of photography as is the Tessar, save only the Convertible Protars with their universality of focus. Superior optical qualities, choice of long or short focus, compactness of the new mounting and the applicability of the Volute shutter, make Tessar the most satisfactory of the entire Zeiss series when one lens alone must serve for all kinds of work. Tessar may be relied upon absolutely in those instances where the conditions of artistic and pictorial photography are peculiar and unusual.

732. Process Work

Process Work. The uniform brilliancy and definition characteristic of Tessar make it particularly applicable to industrial and reproductive photography where these two qualities are of such importance. For projection, copying and enlarging Tessar will give satisfactory returns. For process work there is no better lens to be had on the market. It is capable of giving the most precise delineation of objects in half-tone and line engraving. Indeed, its microscopic definition, while working at the large relative aperture of f.6.3, makes it the objective par excellence for half-tone work. "We cannot impress the merits of Tessar too highly upon all who are thinking of purchasing new or added equipment for this class of photography.

733. Three-Color Work

Three-Color Work. We manufacture a special lens known as the Apochromatic Tessar, with a rapidity varying in the numbers of the series from f.10 to f.15. This lens stands alone in its applicability to three-color printing as it is corrected perfectly for three regions of the spectrum, and thus the photographer is enabled to proceed with his work, substituting one after the other the three ray filters employed in this branch of the art, without varying the size or focus of the image and consequently without the inconvenience of additional focusing and manipulation incidental to the use of lenses not corrected apochromatic-ally. In this field the merits of the Apochromatic Tessar guarantee it a deserved popularity.

734. An Incidental Advantage

An Incidental Advantage. Attention is called to the fact that another desirable feature is the moderate price at which it is possible to place Tessar lenses on the market. This is due to the simplicity of construction, which requires less actual material and less labor than does the complicated manufacture of the average high grade lens.