By L. D. Stocking, of the Shaw-Walker Co., Muskegon, Mich.

852. Keeping A Record Of Work

Keeping A Record Of Work. Few people realize how much detail work most photographers really have to contend with. It is not the mere making of the pictures and getting the money for the work. A complete record of every negative exposed and every print made must be filed somewhere, somehow, in order that ready reference can be made to it at any future time.

853. The cards shown below are especially designed for taking care of the detail work of filing negatives, showing what to base the price of re-orders upon, etc.

854. The card shown in Illustration No. 101 is intended more particularly for portrait work, viewing, interiors, etc.

855. The first two lines - name, address - are for the person ordering the photographs. In the upper right-hand comer should be the number of the negative or negatives; i. p., if more than one negative is used the series should be given a number, and this number placed in the blank space on the card. The envelope or box in which the negatives are filed should bear the same number. The card, for example, may be made out for James Brown, and show the number "5," meaning negative (or negatives) No. 5 belongs to James Brown.

856. This card shows an accurate account of the whole deal from start to finish, and is invaluable to any photographer.

857. For Commercial Photography

For Commercial Photography. The card shown in Illustration No. 102 is designed more especially for commercial photography. This branch of the art is coming more and more into practical use every day, and every

Illustration No. 101 Shaw Walker Filing Card for Studio Records

Illustration No. 101 Shaw-Walker Filing Card for Studio Records.

See Paragraph No. 854 photographer should have a set of these cards on which to record all business done.

858. A record card for commercial work must necessarily be made out with more blank spaces, as there are many more points to be cared for - more detail.

Illustration No. 102 Shaw Walker Filing Card for Commercial Work See Paragraph No. 857

Illustration No. 102 Shaw-Walker Filing Card for Commercial Work See Paragraph No. 857.

859. As a rule commercial photographs are used by manufacturers for displaying their products. The pictures are used for reproduction - making cuts or engravings.

860. This card is made out at the head the same as No. 101. and the sub-headings care for all detail.

861. Photographs of this kind arc sometimes left unmounted, and then, too, negatives and prints arc charged separately. The size of the negatives is also an important factor e. g., an 8x10 negative may be made and a print of only 4x5 made from it, showing only a portion of the original picture.

862. Most photographs must be retouched - the indistinct parts brought out clearly. This work is generally done by the engraver, but card No. 102 has a space for charging this class of work, it sometimes being left to the photographer.

863. The indexing of negatives is done the same here as with card Number 101, the upper right-hand corner bearing the number placed on the negative.

864. It is quite necessary to have a cabinet for containing these cards; therefore, one is made having a capacity of 1200 cards (all cards are 3x5 inches). Each cabinet is fitted with a follower block, in order that all cards may always be held in an upright position, whether the drawer be filled or only contains a few cards.

865. A set of alphabetical guides should be used, and each card filed alphabetically, so any customer's card can be referred to within a few seconds.