826. Focal Plane Shutter

Focal Plane Shutter. The most important feature of the Goerz-Anschiitz Folding camera lies in the ingenious construction of the instantaneous shutter, which has recently been considerably improved. This new focal-plane shutter will not only give all the speed suitable for very rapid work - from 1-10 to 1-1000 of a second - but time and bulb exposures as well, and all slow automatic speeds from 1-10 to 5 seconds. It is the most perfect style of safety focal plane shutter made. The width of the slit is adjusted from the outside, and the slot of the shutter is automatically closed when the shutter is being set. This is a unique and invaluable advantage, especially when roll-films, film-pack, or magazine plate holder are used, as the sensitive surface is always and absolutely protected from the light. The lens may remain uncapped at all times, and be ready for immediate action.

827. It is without doubt the most perfect and most complete shutter on the market, and permits not only a wider range of speeds, but a surer adjustment of the exposure than is obtainable with any other construction. Another valuable feature of the Anschutz Shutter is that with it the full lighting power of the lens is available, while shutters placed close to the objective give considerably less intensity.

828. The Goerz-Anschiitz Stereoscopic Camera

The Goerz-Anschiitz Stereoscopic Camera. The Goerz-Anschiitz Folding camera is also supplied adapted for stereoscopic photography (See Illustration No. 74). This model is provided with an adjustment by which the separation of the lenses can be varied, a point of the greatest importance in practical work. The stereoscopic division can also be removed, and one of the lenses brought facing the center of the plate. By this means the camera is rendered available for extensive panoramic views. For this latter purpose it is recommended that the camera be fitted with the Dagors (Series III.), as these lenses have greater covering power than the Celors (Series IB). If fitted with the latter lenses, the panoramic adjustment is not supplied. The Celor lenses are set at a fixed separation.